Community Development

Community Development

Community Development

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The Community Development Department provides support to the Township through its Code Enforcement Program. The Code Enforcement activities include zoning, complaints, construction trade inspections, residential inspections, commercial inspections, development review, industrial inspections and land use planning (e.g. staff to the Planning and Zoning Commissions).

The Building Department is managed under the Community Development Department. The Department of Community Development also encompasses the Michigan State Housing Development Authority Grants (MSHDA) and Economic Development activities. In addition, the department provides staff assistance to the Buena Vista Charter Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA), along with the Buena Vista Charter Township Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. This Department also serves as Administrator to the Administrative Lotsteading Committee. The Community Developer Director works with the Township Manager with Tax Abatement Requests, Infrastructure Grants, and Brownfield Grants

The overall goal of Community Development is to perform the functions assigned to the department as efficiently and effectively as possible; to implement land use policies and regulations established by the Township Board of Trustees; to provide accurate and factual data to a wide range of individuals and groups in order to promote well-informed decision making; and to serve as an information and referral source for Township residents and non-residents.

The Community Development Department telephone number is (989) 754-6536 and the fax number is (989) 754-5930. In order to offer positive and personalized service that can build a foundation for a predictable development review experience, please direct all development inquiries to the Building Official. 

FEE PAYMENT    updated 5/26/2023
Buena Vista Charter Township accepts payments for development-related fees in-person via cash or check at the Township Hall. Payments will be accepted Monday - Thursday between 9AM - 3PM with the Township Clerk. If you have any questions please call the Township Clerk at (989) 754-6536 ext. 2312. 

Development Fee Application Schedule


Building Inspector
Darryl Oliver  (SAFEbuilt)

Electrical Inspector
Alton Wicker
989-754-6536 ext. 2315 
Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector
Paul Shamka (SAFEbuilt)

Zoning Administrator
Ben Keller (Rowe Professional Services Company)
(269) 370-5244

Community Development Fellow
Joseph Lobodzinski
989-754-6536 ext. 2304
Building Department Clerk
Shalonda Bailey
989-754-6536 ext. 2313


Township Engineer
Wade Trim
3933 Monitor
Bay City, Michigan

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