Dr. Christina L. Dillard, Supervisor

DillardC_1391 (1)As the chief elected township official, the supervisor is the moderator of any township meeting and regulates the proceedings including deciding questions of order, making declaration of casted votes, granting authority to persons to speak at the meeting and silencing those who may be out of order. The supervisor may call special meetings and appoint members to various commission and committees of the township.

State law identifies the supervisor as the agent through whom legal actions of the township are to be transacted. However, the supervisor must exercise this agent’s authority in a manner consistent with township board decisions regarding legal business.

The township supervisor has any or all of the duties listed in MCL 42.10. However these duties have been delegated to a board-appointed superintendent.

Dr. Chris Dillard

1160 South Outer Drive
Saginaw, MI 48601
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