Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Township provide anything for vendors in the farmers market? 
Yes. Buena Vista Farmers Market will supply each vendor's space with one 6-foot table and two chairs. Vendors are responsible for providing any other materials they may need. Please see the farmers market rules and regulations for more details on space requirements. 

As a market vendor, are there any obligations attached to opting for a daily rate?
No. Daily rates are advertised as is, and allow you to be a market vendor for one day. We ask that all vendors review the market rules and regulations prior to attending the farmers market. 

I can't make it to the farmers market but I've already booked a vendor space. What do I do?
If you are unable to attend the market on your specified date, please contact us for further assistance. Please note that application fees and monthly rates are non-refundable. 

How are daily vendor spaces assigned? 
Buena Vista Farmers Market assigns vendor spaces on a first come first serve basis. We will do our best to accommodate you and your business needs but we are not able to guarantee any outcome. 

How many spaces are available? 
Buena Vista Farmers Market has 20 spaces available for vendors to utilize. 

How early do I need to arrive as a vendor?
We would like for vendors to be present no later than one hour prior to the market opening on the respective day. 

Can I store my items at the farmers market?
If you are interested in purchasing locker space at the market, please contact us for further assistance. Locker space is rented out on a first come first serve basis, with priority given to vendors with a contracted monthly rate. 

How are contracted vendor spaces assigned? 
Buena Vista Farmers Market will assign each contracted vendor to a space that best suits their needs and this will be their assigned space for the duration of their contract. 

What are the fees associated with being a vendor?
The Buena Vista Farmers Market application fee is $10. To book one vendor space (one table and two chairs included), the daily date would be $20 and the monthly contract rate would be $300. It is up to you to decide if you would like to pursue a monthly contract rate or a daily rate. To book more than one vendor space, you will be charged an additional $20 per table. No more than three vendor spaces can be booked at once by one business. If you are interested in being a daily vendor, you would be required to complete an application and submit applicable fees for each day that you would like to be present. 

How do I submit payment for my vendor and application fees? 
Payment is accepted through cash, certified check, or money order in person at the Township Hall located at 1160 South Outer Drive. We do not currently offer an online payment option for vendors. Certified checks and/or money orders should be made payable to Buena Vista Charter Township.

As a vendor, can I bring food to the market to cook on-site? 
The Buena Vista Farmers Market will accept vendors who want to prepare food on-site under the condition that they provide a permit from the Saginaw Health Department, maintain a clean space, and provide their own floor covering (tarp, plastic mat, etc.). Please note that vendors who want to utilize on-site food preparation do not qualify for the $20 per day rate. Vendors utilizing on-site preparation and cooking are required to submit a vendor fee of $50 in addition to the application fee of $10. The Buena Vista Farmers Market will provide necessary accommodations for preparation set-up. 

Am I able to rent the Farmers Market for an event?  
The Buena Vista Farmers Market is available to use for large gatherings or events. If you are interested in renting the facility, you may reference the Facility Rental Agreement for more information. Interested parties should complete the top portion of the rental agreement and review the rental terms, then contact the Township to schedule a date to meet in-person, discuss the details of the event, and obtain the necessary deposit and signatures. Rental agreements are not considered valid unless ALL applicable signatures have been confirmed and applicable deposit(s) have been made. 

How do I lease a room at the Farmers Market?  
The market offers two separate rooms available for lease to entrepreneurs and organizations. If you are interested in leasing one of the two spaces, please email for more information.  

Please call (989) 702-6070 if you have any further questions or concerns.

Last updated: 02/15/2023

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