Clerk's Department

Clerk's Department - Barbara A. Campbell, Township Clerk

Welcome to the Buena Vista Township Clerk’s Office

Over the years municipal clerks have become the hub of government and a direct link between the residents and the community. The clerk serves the superintendent and administrative departments by providing information when needed and the Board of Trustees by preparing Board Agendas, Board packets and the minutes from board meetings.  They are also required to prepare and post legal notices for board meetings. The clerk is responsible for certifying resolutions and municipal ordinances for the township.  Oaths of Office are performed by the clerks department for elected officials, those who serve the public and those who serve on committees and commissions as needed. 

Businesses within the community are required to maintain a business license.  These licenses are issue by the clerks department. 

The following services are also provided:

  • Written and verbal complaints
  • Registration of vicious dogs
  • Notary services
  • Voter Registration

The Clerks department is responsible for registering voters and maintaining their records.  To qualify to become a registered voter you must be a U.S. Citizen, at least 18 yrs. old by Election Day, a resident of Michigan and a resident of the township where you are planning to vote.  Elections and trainings for elections are conducted by the clerk’s office.

Cemeteries owned by townships are the responsibility of the Clerk’s department.  They are regulated by ordinance with clear, consistent rules and procedures that address how to operate and use the cemetery, reflecting the overall wishes of the community.  Plots/lots are purchased through the clerks department.  Typical records involved in cemetery management include burial right certificates and burial permits. A map of the Buena Vista Charter Township Cemetery is on display in the clerk’s department.

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Enzell Burden, Deputy Clerk                                  Barbara Campbell, Clerk                                        
(989) 754-6536, ext 2309                                       (989) 754-6536, ext 2312

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